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Midwest Chiropractic and Wellness is dedicated to bringing relief and healing to our patients. We believe in the power of chiropractors to bring people back to the life they love. As a chiropractor in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, we treat acute and chronic back and neck pain, scoliosis, disc herniations, facet syndromes, joint issues, and even chiropractic pain from pregnancy.

The Most Efficient Chiropractor in Eden Prairie

Our dedication to our patients begins with finding the most effective chiropractic care. We often send our team for extra training and certifications in new, promising techniques so you get the best care possible. Our chiropractors are certified in Cox Decompression Adjustment and Manipulation Technique, Webster Technique, and BirthFit. Our diverse skill set allows us to heal patients who have tried other physical therapy or chiropractors and were disappointed with the results.

Our Chiropractic Team

Dr. Zach Mochinski

Dr. Zach Mochinski is one of the owners of Midwest Chiropractic and Wellness. He is dedicated to helping patients return to their normal activities and live healthier lives. His love and passion for Chiropractic started as a young boy who had suffered from debilitating headaches that were treated by and resolved from his hometown chiropractor when all else had failed. He went on to complete his Bachelor of Science with a major of Kinesiology at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN, before graduating at NWHSU with his Doctorate of Chiropractic. 

Dr. Mitch Evenson

Dr. Mitch Evenson is the other owner of Midwest Chiropractic and Wellness.He is a passionate educator, a dedicated husband, a loving father, and a fierce advocate for the continued Wellness of his patients. Dr. Evenson received his B.S. in Exercise Science from the University of Minnesota, Duluth, in 2013. Upon graduation, Dr. Evenson started his own personal training business and began working extensively with the Minnesota Special Olympics team as a unified partner and coach. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic in 2018 from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington. His personal philosophy centers on the treatment of “the whole person”- assessing all of the physical, mental, and chemical aspects of an individual in order to facilitate their achievement of maximal performance and vibrant health.

Neck Pain Treatment in Eden Prairie

At Midwest Chiropractic and Wellness, we are one of the few practices that specialize in neck pain treatment in Eden Prairie. We understand personally how neck pain can cause other problems and keep you from enjoying life. Through specialized techniques, we’ll get you relief and get you back to living a healthier life.

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  • Dr.
    Zach Mochinski

    My name is Dr. Zach and I, along with my partner Dr. Mitch, are proud owners of Midwest Chiropractic and Wellness. It is my goal to get the most efficient response possible for each patient. With my extra training in providing prenatal chiropractic and postpartum chiropractic, I also enjoy treating Acute and Chronic Neck and Back Pain, along with Disc Herniations, Scoliosis, Facet Syndromes etc. I also have extra training and experience working with extremity issues such as hip, knee, and ankle issues.

    We often see patients who have been in pain for months and have tried physical therapy, other chiropractic clinics, and medical clinics without great results. With the different treatment methods in our office we are often able to get not only relief, but many times a more complete healing of a patient's injury. Getting these results is great because not only does the patient feel better, but often times they are able to get back to the activities they love!

    While growing up in Winsted, Minnesota, I was active in baseball, football, and basketball. At an early age of 11 I realized the importance of chiropractic in my life while personally dealing with debilitating migraines/headaches.

    I have been fortunate to receive a great education and learn from multiple veteran chiropractors in our profession.

    It is this skill that I love bringing to our patients at Midwest Chiropractic. We strive to provide the highest quality chiropractic care for our patients.

    Advanced Education & Certification

    I completed my pre-chiropractic studies at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. In 2016, I graduated from NWHSU with my Doctorate of Chiropractic.

    I have completed extra training with the Motion Palpation Institute (MPI)-, International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), Charrette Extremity adjusting protocols, and Titleist Performance Institute (TPI).

    Outside the Office

    When I'm not caring for patients, I am spending the majority of my time with my beautiful wife, Kristi, my daughter Penelope “Poppy”, and my two dogs, Dixie, and Phoebe. I also enjoy doing CrossFit, downhill skiing, wake-surfing, spending time outdoors, visiting the family cabin in Detroit Lakes,MN, and hunting and fishing with his dad and nephews.  

    I want to thank you for visiting our site. Our office is dedicated to helping you and your families. If you are in pain or want to stay out of pain we are here to help! We are excited to answer any questions you have and help you lead a healthier life!

  • Dr.
    Mitch Evenson

    My name is Dr. Mitch Evenson, and I am also owner of Midwest Chiropractic and Wellness.  Receiving chiropractic care at a young age allowed me to understand the power of an adjustment early in my life.  I realized I wanted to pursue Chiropractic as a career after seeing how much it helped my father create lasting change by treating the whole person instead of focusing on only the specific symptom.  I truly understood how chiropractic care can transform and heal more than any other profession.

    I take pride in understanding the small details that affect the whole person.  As a Chiropractor, I have a very special opportunity to get to know my patients and work at improving not only symptoms but improve function and performance.

    My degree in Exercise Science and previous career as a Strength and Fitness Coach allowed me to build a foundation in the Health and Wellness industry.  I appreciate how many of my patients are lifelong athletes.  Every person wants and needs to perform--at different levels, perhaps--but we all want to live and enjoy life pain free.  I strive to provide that care.

    Outside of being a Chiropractor I enjoy the working with the Special Olympics, strength training, bow hunting, duck hunting, and spending time at the cabin in the north woods with my family and friends.

    My wonderful wife, Michaela, and I have two outgoing and energetic children, Georgia and Wallace.  We love the west metro and look forward to growing our family and serving this community.

  • Madison Schaub
    Office Manager


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