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Do you suffer from:

  • back pain
  • leg pain
  • neck pain
  • arm pain

Or any other spinal related conditions such as:

  • disc herniation
  • spinal stenosis
  • post-surgical continued pain
  • pregnancy related back pain?

Don't suffer through the pain! Call and schedule an appointment today or learn more below!

At Midwest Chiropractic we hear a lot of stories about how patients have struggled with back pain. They tell us how they've injured their back, how severe the pain has been and how it has affected their life. We've also heard stories about the many different types of therapies and treatments they have tried. Some successful and some not. These stories have driven us to find the right types and the effective types of treatment for each patient case.

Learn more about the Cox Technique:

The Cox Technique is a technique that has helped many patients who have been suffering with back pain for years. It has helped patients who are having acute and very severe episodes of care get out of pain faster and feel relief very quickly. It has also helped patients who have been through other extensive treatments and even surgeries and allowed them to get out of pain.

Cox Technique is just one of the treatment options we use at Midwest Chiropractic. Whatever the condition might be we strive to get patients the relief they need and help them get out of pain in an efficient and cost effective manor. Dr. Jeremy is 1 of 8 doctor's in Minnesota that is certified in the Cox Technique.

Backed by Years of Clinical Research

Cox Technique was developed in the early 1960's and has since had federally funded research projects completed, many journals articles written about, and hundreds of case studies written that are based on the technique.

Cox Technique  is a well researched technique that helps patients go from "pain" to "no pain" as quickly as possible and allows patients to improve their quality of life by...

  • Dropping intradiscal pressures to as low as -192 mm Hg
  • Widening the spinal canal foraminal area by 28%
  • Reducing pressure on the spinal nerves
  • Returning motion to the spinal joints

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of the Cox Technique.

Cox Technique explanation by the founder of the Cox Technique, Dr. Jim Cox.
Why I use the Cox Technique on patients with back pain?
The simple answer is results. I started adding this to patient's treatment a few years ago and found that patients were getting better quicker and getting better results. Protocols are used with the technique so we are able to get repeated results and we know how each patient should respond. 

Is the therapy all that's done for treatment?
No, as needed we will incorporate therapies to control pain, ice/heat, chiropractic adjustments, and a home exercise program to help decrease pain and later rehabilitate and strengthen the spine.

How long does it take to get better?
We usually find that by 10-12 visits our average patients feel 90-100% better. It does depend on the severity and the condition we are treating. At a minimum we want 50% of relief in 12 visits. Otherwise, we will re-access the condition and treatment or request imaging such as an X-ray or MRI.

Is it covered by insurance?

Yes, the majority of insurances cover the therapies we perform in our office. During the first visit we will get a copy of your insurance and let you know your benefits. We will let you know what will be covered and what you will pay Out of Pocket. If a patient doesn't have insurance coverage or has a high deductible we are still able to make treatment affordable and each visit is from $40-$43.

Can I still be treated if I've had a previous spinal surgery?

Yes, we often find that patient's who have had a previous surgery and haven't been able to find relief with other treatment options are able to find relief with our treatment. A recent study included 69 Post-Surgical Continued Pain (PSCP) patients who received active chiropractic care in the form of Cox Technique Flexion Distraction with an average of 11 visits over a 49 day period. Pain relief was 71.6%. Twenty four months later, the sustained pain relief was 70% with 32 patients needing further care to maintain relief.

To set up an appointment or to talk to one of our doctors about your condition please call today at 952-303-4590.

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We love midwest chiropractic! Before seeing dr. Jenny, my son wet the bed every single night. I wasn't willing to restrict his water intake or put him on medications. 4 weeks after seeing Dr Jenny he stopped wetting the bed!! AND my daughter was diagnosed with ADD - dr Jenny has significantly helped her focus and balance! Thank you!!!!

Jenny S.
Eden Prairie, MN

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