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0811399001600715748.jpgSpending the time to put together your birth team is so worth it! The most important people in your birth team are you and your partner.  Spend the first few weeks of your first trimester to discuss and decide who you would like on your birth team. Remember that you, Mama are the MOST important! DO NOT give up your ideal birth experience to make your partner happy. 

Throughout your first trimester interview and find your provider. Whether you go with an OB or a midwife make sure they support YOU. They work for you. Find one that is open to you have an opinion about your birth experience. You want them for their expertise. However, you want them to discuss with your versus them telling you.

Next, do you want a doula? Spend time interviewing doulas. Find one that is comfortable with what your needs and expectations are.

Find a prenatal chiropractor. Maybe a pelvic floor PT. Possibly a prenatal massage therapist. Make sure whoever you put on your birth team they are all helping you make steps to prepare for the birth experience you are hoping for.0718037001600368290.jpg

My birth experiences were very different. Finley’s experience was traumatic. It was not at all what I was hoping for. I didn’t feel like I was a part of the decisions that were made. Postpartum I struggled with a lot of anxiety and disappointment. So when we decided to have another baby I was very picky who was on my birth team. I switched providers 3 times before choosing my OB. I didn’t meet with her until I was well into my third trimester. Emery’s birth experience was so much better. I fully believe it was due to the fact that I added people to my birth team who fully supported my end goal.  Again, if they don’t support you don’t be afraid to “fire” them and find one who does. 

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