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What is FAKTR and how our office gets a great response with soft tissue injuries?

What is FAKTR?

FAKTR (pronounced FACTOR) stands for Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab. It incorporates the latest research and evidence based soft-tissue techniques into a comprehensive protocol to treat common disorders of the musculoskeletal system and complicated injuries quickly and easily with impressive results.

Simply FAKTR has helped us get rapid results for our patients. When using FAKTR we have been able to get patients better quicker, get a more sustained and longer lasting recovery, we have also been able to get progress in tough to treat chronic cases. 

What Conditions can we treat with FAKTR?

FAKTR can be used to treat a wide variety of muscle-skeletal conditions including tendinopathy, sprain, strains, entrapment syndromes, fascial restrictions such as plantar fasciitis, ITB syndrome, myofascial pain syndromes, adhesive capsulitis, and post-surgical recovery. The list of conditions treated with FAKTR are too numerous to list.

What does a FAKTR treatment consist of?

FAKTR treatment is unique as in we treat the patient in the position of provocation. The goal is to get the patient moving and functioning better. With the soft tissue therapies the muscle, facia, and soft connective tissue is able to glide and move better leading to improved movement and function. With the FAKTR protocols there are 5 phases of treatment. Static, motion, resistance, function, and proprioception. As a patient progresses we can step up a level of treatment to get sustained improvement and progress.

What's therapies does a FAKTR treatment include?

FAKTR treatment can consist of a therapy known as Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation.. It may also include cupping, dynamic taping, proprioceptive exercise and rehab.

At Midwest Chiropractic and Wellness FAKTR treatment has been integrated into the Back Pain Program. 

FAKTR treatment is also a great option at treating many extremity complaints that are to numerous to list.

If you are interested in finding out how FAKTR treatment may help you please call or email our office to set up an exam. 

We will let you know if you are a candidate for FAKTR treatment and if it can help you.

Personalized Care. Feel Better. Do More.

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