Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Treatment at Midwest Chiropractic and Wellness

Some medical conditions cause chronic pain that can affect your ability to accomplish daily tasks, engage in hobbies and enjoy social activities. Chiropractic care offers drug-free, non-invasive methods to reduce pain and help you achieve greater freedom of movement. At Midwest Chiropractic and Wellness in Eden Prairie, MN, we can help when you experience chronic pain conditions.


Understanding Chronic Pain

Sudden, acute pain can be frightening and can signal a need for immediate medical attention. Chronic pain is different. It causes physical discomfort and can also affect your mental state and mood, making it challenging to keep up with everyday tasks and regular socializing. Even when an underlying condition is treated, chronic pain can continue to be a problem for the individual. We provide various treatments to manage chronic pain, so our patients can function more effectively and enjoy everyday activities.

Conditions That Cause Chronic Pain

Some types of chronic pain generate from disorders of the bones and joints. Other conditions may stem from injuries to the muscles. Lower back pain and neck pain are among the most common chronic pain conditions. Damage to the nerves can also cause chronic pain that can affect daily life. Arthritis, spinal disc degeneration, neuropathy, muscle injury, and cancer can all cause chronic pain that affects the ability to function properly. Infections in the body and previous surgeries can also cause chronic pain.

Treatment for Chronic Pain

Over-the-counter medications and strong prescription drugs are not the only methods for dealing with chronic pain. Our chiropractic care offers a wide range of techniques to deal with chronic pain, including heat and icing, trigger point therapy, manual adjustment, soft tissue manipulation, and other treatment methods. Corrective exercise can also help to strengthen supporting muscles in affected areas. Our chiropractors can also advise you on lifestyle changes that can improve your health and avoid further injury.

Contact Us for Chronic Pain Treatment from Our Chiropractors in Eden Prairie, MN

Dr. Zach Mochinski and Dr. Mitch Evenson use their extensive training in chiropractic care to help patients in Eden Prairie and nearby communities achieve greater comfort and better function. We treat many conditions, including back pain, neck pain, sciatica, disc problems, pelvic pain, and more. Contact Midwest Chiropractic and Wellness today at 952-303-4590 to learn about techniques that can help manage your chronic pain problem.


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