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Many adults ages 18 to 65 have suffered from a headache in the past year. Many of those people have also suffered from a migraine. We know that headaches and migraines are common. However, just because they are common does not make headaches any less debilitating.


Suffering from a headache or migraine can make it extremely difficult to live comfortably and complete daily activities such as exercising. Even spending time with family and friends can seem impossible when suffering from a headache or migraine. Fortunately, we at Midwest Chiropractic and Wellness in Eden Prairie, MN, offer help from our chiropractor. We want to help you find relief fast from headaches so you can continue to live a healthy, happy life.

What Causes Headache and Migraine?

Headaches and migraines are unique in that they have various causes and there are many different types. Depending on the type of headache you are suffering from, the cause will be slightly different and the treatment for your headache will vary. Common causes and different types include:

  • Whiplash headaches, which are caused by an auto accident injury known as whiplash. Once someone suffers from whiplash, their neck moves violently back-and-forth during a car accident, causing neck pain as well as headaches.
  • Migraine headaches, which unlike regular headaches, can be accompanied by symptoms such as sensitivity to light, nausea, and vomiting. Migraine headaches may last for about three days and can have triggers such as stress.
  • Cervicogenic headaches, which are some of the most common headaches that can be mistaken for sinus or tension headaches. Cervicogenic headaches are caused by neck pain that radiates to the head and facial area. Neck muscles can become sore due to holding the neck and head in a certain position for a long period of time or poor posture.
  • Tension headaches, which feel like a tight band around the head and are caused by tense muscles and stress. 

How a Chiropractor on Our Team Can Help

Techniques a chiropractor uses may help alleviate symptoms of headaches, such as Cervicogenic headaches and migraine headaches. Through spinal manipulation, which gently realigns the spine, a chiropractor at our practice can help treat your pain. He will help determine the type of headache you are suffering from and use the proper chiropractic techniques based on the root cause of your headaches.

Find Relief at Midwest Chiropractic and Wellness

Visit us at Midwest Chiropractic and Wellness in Eden Prairie, MN, to find relief from your headache and migraines! Call us at 952-303-4590 to schedule an appointment.

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