Our goal at Midwest Chiropractic & Wellness is to empower moms with the knowledge to make the adventure of pregnancy, birth and postpartum your perfect journey.

We love to work with expecting moms. Whether you are seeking care for pain relief, want a quicker labor & recovery, or just want a different birth experience then you had previously, we are here to help. Prenatal care at our office is more than just the adjustment. We want to help you have the birth experience that you have imagined.

Below are all the services/techniques we use in our office.

Why Chiropractic?

Chiropractic adjustments offer gentle non-invasive benefits for expecting mothers to create balance in the pelvis and spine. When moms are balanced their bodies better manage stress and their bodies are able to adapt to the changes occurring throughout pregnancy. Dramatic physical, mental, and emotional changes throughout pregnancy can cause increased stress on your musculoskeletal system. A prenatal chiropractor, like Dr. Zach, will find where the muscles, pelvis and spine are unbalanced and correct it, allowing you function more optimally.

BENEFITS OF Prenatal Chiropractic

    • Maintaining a healthier pregnancy
    • Controlling symptoms of nausea
    • Reducing the time of labor and delivery
    • Relieving back and neck joint pain
    • Encourages optimal fetal position through proper pelvic alignment
    • Improved posture

Webster Technique 

We use this technique to reduce the tension and torsion in the uterus. We want to create balance. Without balance there can be stiffness, soreness, pain, sciatica, and/or pubic bone pain. This can potentially affect progression of labor, optimal fetal positioning, and a natural pregnancy and birth.

Spinning Babies

We use spinning babies movements to encourage body balancing. As we work to create balance in your pelvis and muscles we need to create optimal space for the growing uterus. This is where the spinning babies exercises help. We intertwine different exercises as your pregnancy progresses.  

Dynamic Body Balancing

A technique that works on creating balance throughout the fascia (which makes up muscles and ligaments). Imbalances in one area of your body creates an imbalance somewhere else. While pregnant your body is changing constantly trying to create more space for baby. This can cause imbalances to occur. We want to create as much balance as we can throughout your pregnancy to prevent pain, but more importantly leading into your birth experience. 



We can all agree that giving birth is a wonderful, beautiful and rewarding experience! However, the birth experience is also very exhausting and traumatic for the new mother's body.  From the first trimester thru the birth process mom’s bodies go through a ton of changes. During pregnancy your muscles, ligaments, and joints get pulled and stretched to make room for the baby. At postpartum these muscles remain stretched/unstable for at least the first 6 months. Along with the instability you are doing a lot of lifting, carrying, holding, feeding, etc. so posture changes occur. Headaches, neck, upper back and tailbone pain are the most common reasons moms find us. We will help you recover postpartum by helping you regain your stability quicker. You will be able to enjoy your new baby and keep up with your children as they grow.


I often get asked by moms-to-be  “How soon after I give birth can I get adjusted?”  Chiropractic care is an important part of postpartum care, and can be utilized at any point after giving birth. We generally tell moms to come in as soon as they feel comfortable leaving the house. Usually around 2-4 weeks.

Postnatal chiropractic care:

Our focus is finding your new “normal.” Along with chiropractic adjustments. We go through a progression of exercises that involve the pelvic floor, glutes, low back, shoulders, and neck muscles to help regain stability. We use a technique called DNS (Dynamic Neuro Muscular Stability) to create balance and stability. Our goal is to ensure your diastasis recti heals, your pelvis and sacrum realign correctly, and prepare your body in case you would like to have another pregnancy. You are postpartum the rest of your life so there is always time to heal from your pregnancy even if you are years postpartum.

Even there are not a lot of published research proving the benefits of chiropractic, listed are some research articles on pregnancy and chiropractic.

Possible less back pain during labor
A group of women treated with manipulative techniques (chiropractic adjustments) experienced less back pain during labor.
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Chiropractic care may help reduce pregnancy pain and symptoms
There is research to support chiropractic and its relationship to the reduction of negative symptoms during pregnancy and birth. In one study, 10 out of 11 women had relief of pain and did not exhibit sacroiliac dysfunction any longer after they were treated with chiropractic adjustments.
Find This Research Here

“…improvement of their intra-uterine constraint”
In another study, 69% of 81 patients that received chiropractic care because of intra-uterine constraint benefited from chiropractic care. Because chiropractic adjustments can help balance the pelvis and uterus by increase structural and nerve function, the women in the study showed improvement of their intra-uterine constraint after chiropractic adjustments.
Find This Research Here

Chiropractic care shows to be effective and safe for pregnant women
Published evidence suggests regular chiropractic care may improve the probability of successful natural parturition. This study not only shows the effectiveness of chiropractic and pregnancy, but also shows how safe chiropractic care is for pregnant women. The women noted from 17 different patients treated under chiropractic care had no adverse effects from chiropractic adjustments.
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If you or someone you know is pregnant and suffering from discomfort, pain, or looking for a more natural pregnancy and birth, give us a call at 952.303.4590 to see if we can help. We want you to have an amazing pregnancy and enjoy the incredible experience of motherhood.

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